Voice Of Eritrea (VOE) is a community radio that serves the interests of the Eritrean community in Washington DC and its surrounding area.    

VOE transmits its programs every Saturday from 1:00 PM TO 2 PM on AM 1120 using the facilities of New World Radio.


To inform the Eritrean community with up to date news from Eritrea and local affairs.  To provide a community based broadcast programs designed to inform, educate, and serve the Eritrean community in the Washington, D.C. area.


Our goal is to forge closer and stronger bonds within the local community and to maintain a steady communication between Eritrea and the community living in the Washington, D.C area.


To develop a radio station that is culturally and socially responsive to the Eritrean community.  To be a voice of many by offering community members an opportunity to share their experience, concerns, and perspective with their fellow Eritreans through the VOE airwaves.